ART Delivery


for suppliers and importers

A range of business support services
to suppliers in Russia

Temporary import of goods
We organize temporary import-export of consignments for exhibitions and show rooms: for goods and equipment with a re-export obligation, except for expendable promotional materials and gift items.
Goods for exhibitions are sent to the Russian company's representative office address
Certification and digital coding are not required.
Terms and Conditions
— Sign an agreement for transport and logistics service
— Agree on the invoice value and delivery terms.
— Specify the characteristics of the invoiced goods as per coding.
— Provide a photo-catalog of the goods being imported (option)
— Ensure 100% safe packaging of the goods to be exported
Service costs - please enquire, as it depends on the volume of goods.
Delivery time from Europe to Russia – 7 days.
We recommend shipping the goods 3 weeks before the delivery date.
Mandatory product certification
We offer a full range of services for certification of any goods in compliance with the requirements of GOST and Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union for serial or single lots of goods.
Terms & Conditions:
— Legal import of samples for research
— Provide information on the product range, materials composition, addresses of the manufacturer's subsidiaries
— Sign an agreement with an authorized representative, a Russian legal entity
— Validity of certification documents – 5 years
Preparation time

Declaration of conformity (DC) — 3 weeks
Certificate of conformation (CC) — 4 weeks

— DC - 340 Euros for 1 composition + 170 Euros for each subsequent composition
— CC - 1350 Euro +170 Euros for each subsequent composition
Consolidation of goods
We consolidate and store goods of any volume, arrange delivery of goods from anywhere in the world. Our warehouses are equipped with the latest equipment for any type of loading and unloading, an electronic accounting system, and have an insurance coverage for full value of the goods.

Terms & Conditions:
— Consolidated warehouses in Berlin and Verona
— Simultaneous shipment to multiple customers
— Fixed delivery rates and customs clearance charges — starting from 30% of the invoice value
— Shipment as per the terms of the supplier, prepayment and postpaid
— Delivery from Berlin to Moscow within 7 days
- Reduced delivery period
- Reduced warehouse and logistics costs
- Increased asset turnover
- Growth in market position
Coding of goods in Russia
Identification of goods for coding: description in Russian, classification of goods, acquisition of GTIN codes as per the Russian GS1 system. Receiving Data Matrix codes in "Chestnyi znak" and placing them on goods.
Terms & Conditions:
Provide a catalog of the products with information:
– EAN,
– article,
– description,
– trade mark,
– brand or model name,
– material composition,
– size range,
– country of manufacture
– Reliable classification of goods for import and declaration to the Russian Federation
– Guarantee of no claims for violations by regulatory authorities
– Customer trust and gaining of seasonal orders
Your Representative in Russia
— Import and export of samples for exhibitions
— Product placement in the show room and accepting orders
— Production of advertising and promotional materials
— Advertising in Russian mass media
— Import and storage of goods for warehouse programs, sorting according to customer orders
— Receipt of payment and shipping to regions
— Other services on request
– Ordering goods from our warehouse in Moscow
– Brand promotion in the Russian market
– Optimization of marketing costs
– Growth of sales turnover and profit

Your benifits from our cooperation

You have a steady logistics, your business grows
Fast and reliable delivery throughout Russia
Your goods are available to order on our stock in Moscow
Protection against counterfeiting and smuggling
Promotion of your brand in Russia
Save time & money
Use "all inclusive" services for importer.
Consolidate goods on warehouses in Berlin and Verona.
Receipt goods from factories avoid transit costs.
Save on lucrative rates for delivery and customs clearance.
Save on delivery from Europa to Moscow within 7 days.
Minimize your risks
Get 100% legal import/export to/from Russia
Use a full cargo insurance
Track of your cargo location and delivery
Check reliability of your Russian counterparties

Why you can trust ART Delivery

When we take care about your logistics,
you can totally focus on your business
14 years of experience
in international logistics
Experts in Foreign Trade
Delivery and customs clearance
Impeccable business reputation
More than 1000 customers in Russia
More than 100 suppliers in the world
Digital technology
and cost reduction

Electronic documents exchange
Electronic declaration of goods
Automatization of Coding of goods
Intelligent check of counterparties
Sales support
in Russia

Exhibition logistics
Brand promotion
Warehouse storage in Moscow
Order collection
Payment for deliveries

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