Connecting countries,
businesses and people
we turn Logistics into Art
ART Delivery Group is an international 3PL and 4PL operator and one of the top three logistic providers in the Russian fashion industry.


Connecting countries, businesses and people, ART Delivery turns logistics into art.
We deliver goods for businesses worldwide in a reliable, fast and secure manner, striving to optimise logistic costs throughout the entire supply chain.
We contribute to the growth of our industry and the development of our country's and the world economy.
We employ international logistic professionals who love their job and deliver results.
We are committed to enhancing the professional development and well-being of our employees.


Quality. We provide top-quality logistic services that meet the most stringent international standards.
Innovation. We cut delivery costs and times by optimizing processes and employing digital technology.
Expertise. We are experts in international trade and logistics. We know the industry specifics of our customers.
Security. We guarantee the security of shipments and provide contractor background checks.
Partnership. We keep our word. We advance the business of our partners so we can grow together.

Our motto is as follows: "ART Delivery takes care of logistics so you can focus on your business".


The first company of ART Delivery Group was established by several international logistic experts in Moscow in 2006.

From the outset of its operations, ART Delivery has focused on logistic services for the fashion market. As a result, we have gained a great wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the fashion industry. Over the years we have set up new companies by line of business to better manage our growing operations and to build trust-based relationships with foreign suppliers and Russian customers.

Today ART Delivery Group is working with a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers representing hundreds of clothing, linen and footwear brands from Europe and Asia. We import their goods into Russia and deliver them to local retailers that operate across the country.

The head office of ART Delivery is located in Moscow. The company operates consolidation and handling facilities in Germany, Italy and Russia.


Since 2006, ART Delivery Group has fulfilled tens of thousands of foreign trade contracts, earning the trust of numerous suppliers and customers.

Our company has developed and implemented a number of innovative logistic solutions that reduce both shipping costs and delivery times:

  • Electronic goods specification. The solution enables error-free and fast processing of customs declarations and shipping documents on the basis of the supplier's electronic invoice.
  • One warehouse. We deliver the goods of manufacturers directly to our consolidation facilities in Europe. This solution reduces warehousing costs and handling time.
  • Express import. We deliver goods from Europe to Moscow in an unprecedented time frame – within 7 days.

ART Delivery Group was the first logistic operator to offer the following solutions to the Russian fashion industry:

  • large-scale certification of goods in line with the Russian Federation's standards of quality and safety
  • digital coding of imported clothing.


As a growing international operator, ART Delivery is constantly improving logistics processes and integrating its operations into those of its business partners. Expanding into new industries and territories, we continue to build global delivery networks.