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Under Russian law, all imported goods that are subject to customs clearance must have certificates of compliance with quality and safety standards.
ART Delivery Group imports goods under contracts with foreign suppliers and obtains mandatory certificates of conformity.

Russia uses three systems for confirming the safety of imported goods:

  1. GOST R: compliance with the state safety standards of the Russian Federation. This system applies to goods from the Uniform list of goods subject to mandatory certification and customs clearance in accordance with Decree No. 982 of the Russian Government dated December 1, 2009. This list is subject to frequent updates which need to be monitored and taken into account during certification.
  2. Technical Regulations of the Customs Union: compliance with the regulations applicable in the Customs Union countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan).
  3. Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation: compliance with Russia's technical regulations. This system applies to goods that are covered by the Russian Federation's technical regulations.

The Certificate of Conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union is a document that confirms compliance with safety requirements for goods covered by the technical regulations of the Customs Union. The certificate is issued for up to 5 years on the basis of test reports.

Serial Production Certification. Testing of samples is mandatory. This certificate is valid for up to 5 years and applies to goods manufactured in unlimited quantities until the certificate expires.

Contract Certification. Testing of samples is mandatory. This certificate is valid for one year and it is issued on the basis of test reports within the contract value. The certificate must reference the relevant contract number.

Shipment Certification. Requiring mandatory testing, this certificate is issued in reference to a limited shipment of goods. The document must specify the exact number of goods and the relevant invoice.

Certification Procedure
A contract with a Russian importer/authorized party is signed.
Customs clearance and import of samples by importer/authorized party
3 samples per commodity group are imported.
Application to certification authorities
Importer/authorized party submits an application to certification authorities.
Submission of samples
Samples are submitted for lab testing.
Samples undergo lab testing. A certification expert visits manufacturing facilities.
Certificates are prepared and issued.
Steps to complete the certification process:
  1. Sign a contract with ART Delivery
  2. Provide key details of your goods:
  • Trade marks
  • Assortment of goods
  • Material composition
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer's subsidiaries.
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