ART Delivery defends the interests of business in clothing digital coding

ART Delivery takes part in a pilot of clothing digital coding in partnership with Kontur, a leading Russian IT developer, operator of fiscal data and e-documents exchange. ART Delivery looks for clothing coding solution which allows to complete requirements of the regulator without extra costs for suppliers and clients. The experiment has to run from June 27 till November 30 of 2019.

National digital coding and tracking of goods system in Russia is introduced by the government in the interests of consumers, business and the state. The coding system is designed to protect Russian consumers from illegal and counterfeit products, support bonafide manufacturers.The system creates conditions for fair competition and helps to increase business transparency.

"We joined the clothing marking pilot to defend the interests of suppliers, retailers and consumers in supply chains," comments Ramil Suleymanov, CEO of the ART Delivery group of companies.
ART Delivery is involved in the project as an expert from the business side to help the regulator to optimise business processes for marking imported goods;
to minimise the cost and time expenses for coding of import goods.